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In our desire to keep your business current in the world of innovative technologies, SuperForex brings its partners Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - sets of tools, routines and protocols that help in software interaction. Our professional team of programmers has developed a number of APIs you can use directly on your websites to make trading even more convenient for your clients.

How are APIs different from links? Your affiliate links would send customers directly to our main website, but with the API they can perform key actions, such as open a trading account or check on an already existing one, without leaving your website.

Account Opening API - this will allow users to open a SuperForex account directly from your website.

Client’s Cabinet API - this application will allow clients to log into their accounts, accessing the full set of features offered to SuperForex traders.

All of these features will make your own website more welcoming and valued by customers because it will allow them to follow developments in the financial markets and check their own accounts without having to go the extra step of going to the SuperForex main site. Instead, they would still be on yours, browsing your content.

You can download the APIs directly from this page. However, if you feel you need additional instructions, you are welcome to get in touch with us by contacting the Partner Relations Department at

Symbol Bid Ask
EURUSD 1.08154 1.08174
GBPUSD 1.2457 1.24595
USDJPY 111.066 111.088
USDCHF 0.99226 0.99251
USDCAD 1.33876 1.33904
EURJPY 120.09 120.12
EURCHF 1.07273 1.07303
GBPJPY 138.392 138.462
GBPCHF 1.23707 1.23757
GOLD 1250.21 1251.71
SILVER 18.09 18.14
#AAPL 143.74 143.84