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Big Update for the Futures

20/06/18 04:12 PM

Do you trade successfully with currencies on the Forex market? Are you perhaps not as successful as you would like? SuperForex is happy to bring you a new opportunity to increase your profit.

SuperForex closely monitors the situation on the commodity markets. This is why we have decided to open new futures for the supply of raw materials in July, August, and September:

  • #HOU8 (Heating oil, Sep. 2018)
  • #QMU8 (Oil, Sep. 2018)
  • #SBV8 (Sugar, Oct. 2018)
  • #JOU8 (Orange Juice, Sep. 2018)
  • #CCN8 (Cocoa, Jul. 2018)
  • #KCN8 (Coffee, Jul. 2018)
  • #XBZU8 (Brent oil, Sep. 2018), and more.

There is no limit to how great of a profit you can earn. However, futures are time-specific, so hurry up and start trading oil, gas, metals, agricultural products, and other goods. Don’t miss this precious opportunity to buy or sell futures and get new profit with SuperForex!

We wish you much success in your trading!

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New Domains in Indonesia

We have updated the website addresses for our Indonesian pages.

08/11/18 11:07 AM
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New Currencies for Charging Your Account

We have added more ways for you to use your local currency to charge your account.

02/11/18 03:18 PM
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New Local Depositor in Nigeria

We would like to introduce you to our newest Local Depositor in Nigeria.

01/11/18 02:03 PM
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A new office and training centre in Nigeria

The office and training center in Port Harcourt is a place for professionals with great ambitions and great prospects.

23/10/18 01:56 PM