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Changes to No Spread Accounts

01/01/18 01:40 PM

Dear Clients and Partners,

We wanted to let you know that we are updating the conditions on our No Spread accounts as of January 2018.

The biggest change concerns lot sizes. Previously the lot size amounted to 10,000, but we have decided to switch to the standard that is more popular among professional traders, which is 100,000. This is the more established size which many traders feel more comfortable with, so we hope you will have a superior trading experience once the changes are live.

Furthermore, the commission rate will not be increased, despite the lot changes. Commission would remain at 0.017% per lot, as it has always been, but you need to note that since the lot size is bigger, the commission amount will be somewhat different.

We would also provide you with the opportunity to trade three different lot sizes: micro, mini, and standard. This would help you customize your deals and would give you more freedom in deciding how much you want to buy or sell.

Again, these changes apply to No Spread accounts only. Our other types of accounts will not be affected.

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SuperForex Indonesia Meeting

Our partners in Indonesia recently had a productive gathering.

19/07/18 12:57 PM
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New Currency Pairs

We are pleased to inform you that now you can use new exotic pairs for trading.

13/07/18 02:57 PM
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New conditions for No Deposit Bonus.

We have updated the conditions for one of our most popular offers, the No Deposit Bonus.

03/07/18 10:33 AM
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Big Update for the Futures

We have decided to open new futures for the supply of raw materials in July, August, and September

20/06/18 04:12 PM