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Corporate Seals for Trusted Partners

30/11/15 04:34 PM

Superforex is happy to announce that we have successfully introduced corporate seals to our Partnership Program. We hope that this innovation would add a new level of security and mutual trust between partners and clients.

Because our partners have many functions and opportunities to perform certain actions on behalf of Superforex, it is crucial that we ensure our clients can trust them. In countries where there are payment system restrictions, some clients need help from a partner to act as a mediator who can deposit or withdraw funds on their behalf. In such cases it is extremely important that the client knows how to recognize a trustworthy partner.

That is what the corporate seal stands for - trust. We issue corporate seals only to our most trusted partners to signify that they are affiliated with us and are therefore authorized by Superforex to perform such functions. If you as a client see a partner who has the seal, know that you can trust them to open an account for you, make deposits or withdrawals on your behalf, and organize trading competitions or educational seminars near you.

If you are interested in learning more about our Partnership Program, click here.

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