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High Volatility: GBP, Crude Oil

06/06/17 12:30 PM

Dear SuperForex customers,

Please note that due to the preliminary parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom on June 8, as well as the recent terrorist attack in London there will be a higher than usual volatility in trading instruments tied to the British pound (GBP).

Furthermore, news is still coming in about the worsening diplomatic relations between Qatar and all other Arab countries. Last night it became clear that Saudi Arabia, the only country who has a land border with Qatar, had essentially blocked the border, making it difficult for Qatar to import any goods whatsoever. The countries who cut ties accuse Qatar of supporting extremism. As a result of this huge diplomatic crisis, crude oil futures will also be experiencing a lot of volatility in the coming days.

Periods of high volatility provide many attractive profit opportunities. Because we expect higher trading activity than usual, this could create a situation of lower liquidity. This is why you may find that we have adjusted the margin levels for all highly volatile tools - the changes will persist until the market has returned to its normal state.

We wish you much success in your trades!

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