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New SuperForex Special Partner Account

25/01/16 04:07 PM

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Superforex is happy to inform you that we have added a new feature to our Partnership Program - the Special Account. It is a system specifically designed to assist our partners and clients in making deposits and withdrawals between accounts.

Superforex has always done its best to ensure our clients have convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts using a variety of payment methods. However, we realize that some of our clients may be experiencing difficulties using those systems for region-specific or personal reasons. That is why having a trusted partner serve as a mediator in such transactions is a must for such customers - and this is what the Special Account is for.

In the Partner’s Cabinet you will be able to switch between your regular and the new special account when you need to make transactions on behalf of clients. Note that these may be clients outside of your affiliate group. Still, you’d need specific authorization from the client for each transaction, a measure to ensure no account abuse takes place.

This new feature is currently in its last stages of development, so you would be able to enjoy it soon!