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Our Swap-Free Islamic Account Is Here!

07/09/15 04:38 PM

SuperForex is happy to announce a new service that is now available to our clients - the Islamic (also known as swap-free) account.

You can now take advantage of this new offer and open an account which does not charge swap fees. Swaps are interest rates determined by banks. They can be either positive or negative and apply to deals that stay open overnight.

This type of swap-free accounts are often called Islamic due to the fact that the lack of interest rates is in agreement with Muslim religious practices. However, they are also good for people who work with long-term deals that would have to stay open many nights in a row and be subjected to many swaps otherwise.

All of our swap-free accounts work on a fixed commission that allows you to plan your trades to the best of your ability. You can check these commissions from our list of trading instruments.

Want to learn more about Islamic accounts and how to open one? Find out here.

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