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Results of the Year 2018

28/12/18 04:02 PM

Summing up the year is a good and useful tradition. Everyone remembers their achievements at the end of the year. For our company, as a Forex broker, the main criterion of efficiency is the feedback from our customers and partners!


In 2018 SuperForex once again achieved almost all of its ambitious goals, and we are very proud of these achievements. First of all, there has been a strengthening in our presence in the African and Asian markets. This success was facilitated by the launch of new services, contests and the updating of our bonus program, as well as the increasing loyalty of traders through holding their own training seminars in various countries.

We also want to thank all 250,000 SuperForex customers for their trust. For our part, we will try to do everything possible to make their trading more comfortable and their profits greater.


Achievement of the year

First of all, we would like to highlight our seminars as one of the main indicators of the effective work of the company. This year we held more than 40 seminars. We want to extend our sincere thanks to all active partners who helped us in organizing these events.

Another very cool thing that we launched this year is the possibility of opening an account in your local currency. Currently this is available for 6 currencies, but we plan to add at least the same amount next year.


In 2018 we launched:

  • Double Bonus

We have developed a bonus that is not launched on an ongoing basis, but will coincide with certain holidays. Many of our clients managed to use this bonus and we received a lot of positive feedback. In this regard, we plan to continue to run this bonus program.

  • Merging Trading Accounts

Thanks to this function you will be able to combine all your accounts. This means you won’t have to log out from one account in order to check what is going on with another one.

  • New Payment Systems

In 2018 we expanded our list of supported payment systems and improved the conditions of depositing and withdrawing funds for the existing ones. In 2018 we began a cooperation with many electronic payment systems, including such well-known services as Payza, CashU, PaySec, OnlineNaira and SticPay.

  • New MLP Program

We have updated the conditions of our popular Multi-level Partnership Program to make it more competitive and beneficial for everyone.

  • Crypto Account

We have launched this account for traders who enjoy cryptocurrency trading. Since the price of cryptocurrencies in the world fluctuates often, you can earn both on growth and on falling rates in Forex.

  • Holy Apples Contest

After three rounds of the competition, we received a lot of positive feedback. We awarded 3 iPhone X, 7 Xiaomi Redmi 5 and 50 T-shirts to the the winning participants.

  • ForexGP Contest

We launched an amazing contest for Forex copy masters and followers which were associated with a large update of the Forex copy system. We offer all of our customers the chance to win an incredible Kawasaki Ninja 250r.

  • Super IB Challenge

This is this year’s biggest competition for partners. Over the course of six months our partners have the chance to compete for the title of Super Partner with the top reward for partner being an Apple iPad Pro.

  • Coupon Bonus

This bonus was developed for our new partners, as it allows the use of bonus funds to attract new traders to their affiliate group. It can also be used as a reward for the most active traders.

  • Super IB Bonus

To make the work of our dedicated partners easier and profitable, we have prepared a special bonus for them. The Super IB bonus is an offer that will allow partners to increase the loyalty of their affiliate group by encouraging traders for their successful trading. As a result, satisfied traders will trade even more.

We are pleased that we made this journey together with you, our customers and partners. After all, we have improved our services, introduced new programs, and reached new heights - all of this we did in order to provide you with a superior trading experience.


The failure of the year

In 2018, we did not have time to completely update our website.

This is not about a banal design change, but about a completely redesigned service that combines informational, educational, and interactive components. We have changed the concept and the technical task almost five times. The final version will finally be implemented at the beginning of 2019, although customers can already preview some pages and functionality. After all, it’s normal when something goes wrong. It happens to everyone. Sometimes you just need to take a pause, look back, determine what the problem is, and conquer peaks with new ideas.


Goals for 2019

We plan to implement many features that might seem ambitious, but in fact we have even more ideas than this, which we’d love to discuss with you further in 2019.

  • New Countries

We plan to enter new country markets, so that a large number of people have the opportunity to trade with us.

  • New Language Versions

We strive to make our service as convenient as possible for all our customers, so we plan to add the following language versions: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Urdu, and others.

  • ECN Account

The ECN account is one of the most comfortable options for trading, so trading in this case is carried out on the Non-Dealing Desk system. You will be able to trade with the help of special electronic systems that transfer your applications to the foreign exchange market with maximum speed.

  • Membership Club

We are planning to launch a special Membership Club for clients who want to trade with more loyal conditions.

  • Personal Cabinet Update

Registered users are waiting for even more additional functionalities. We hope that the updated cabinet will be innovative, smart, modern, and most importantly - convenient.

  • Mobile Application Update

Next year we will update our mobile application, which will become much simpler and allow you to use many innovative services. For developing a new application, we consider the functionality that our customers most often use. In the design of the application, preference is given to simplicity and convenience for the user. The new mobile application will take the most used services to the forefront, while the client will also have a personal cabinet with full functionality.

You can always suggest ideas on how to optimize our customer contact by getting in touch with us.


Thank you for being with us for another year!

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