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SuperForex Has Reached 100,000 Customers!

18/05/17 02:11 PM

Dear SuperForex customers,

Thank you for being part of the SuperForex trading family! Without you all of our hard work would be pointless because customers are the center of any successful business. We have had quite a good run so far and we thought you might want to hear about it.

With our ever-expanding fan base, we recently hit an important milestone and now officially have over 100 000 customers. Our 100 000th customer, Mr. Ariwanto gave us a brief interview about his experience with us. He shared that he got into Forex trading about five years ago because he saw its vast potential for profit. Mr. Ariwanto’s favorite trading instrument is the EUR/USD pair. His best advice for other traders is that they should not be too greedy and aim for stable, consistent profits instead of sporadic, big ones. If he ever makes a million dollars from trading with SuperForex, he wishes to start a foundation for helping orphaned children.

For being our lucky number 100 000, we have awarded Mr. Ariwanto with an account for management in our company. This account comes preloaded with a substantial deposit and our winner is free to trade from it as he sees fit; all profit is withdrawable. Our client will also get a subscription to our new Forex Copy service which would permit him to copy the trades of our most successful users.

If you are interested in learning more about all of the fantastic offers and services we’ve developed over the course of the past months, as well as some of what we have in store for the future, you can check out our SuperForex Workshop where we publish all such developments.

Thank you once again for choosing SuperForex as your broker. We hope to bring you much success!

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We have updated the website addresses for our Indonesian pages.

08/11/18 11:07 AM
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New Currencies for Charging Your Account

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02/11/18 03:18 PM
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New Local Depositor in Nigeria

We would like to introduce you to our newest Local Depositor in Nigeria.

01/11/18 02:03 PM
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A new office and training centre in Nigeria

The office and training center in Port Harcourt is a place for professionals with great ambitions and great prospects.

23/10/18 01:56 PM