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SuperForex with New, Stronger, Better Servers

09/08/17 11:12 AM

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Dear clients,

We are happy to announce that the SuperForex trading servers have all been updated!

In our commitment to the latest innovations in technology we undertook a massive upgrade to our trading servers in order to improve the quality of your SuperForex trading experience.

We have now successfully completed our technical work on the servers. From now on our traders can enjoy much faster and efficient trading operations. As a result, you can see your order execution become much faster, eliminating issues such as slippage and requotes. In our estimates, operations should be on average 33% faster, 50% more durable and infinitely more reliable.

Our effectiveness in terms of trade is measured:

  • Time to execute orders
  • Time to complete the transaction
  • Quantity of requotes

These are the best indicators for evaluating any forex broker and we have tried to improve them, so that our customers receive the best services.

Execution Speed
The first thing we improved was the speed of order execution.
As you know, we are working on a fast-moving unstable, illiquid market. The high transaction speed allows you to complete trading faster, which in turn ensures that you get the most effective price.

On the chart you can see the average execution speed, which was calculated daily for all transactions before and after the server was improved.
After the improvement, the average execution speed is less than 9 ms, and we try to keep it for trading with any number of lots lots.

On this chart you may notice a reduction in the time required to complete the transaction, which basically depends on the moment when the trader makes the order, until the confirmation appears on the screen. This is also taken into account as the average daily, in spite of the size of the lot, for all our transactions. As you can see, this is less than 15 ms.

Quantity of Requotes
The next improvement we have made is a decrease in the number of requotes. As far as everyone knows, if the price deviates too far from the asking price, then the trader receives a requote. This also happens when there is a dealing center between them, with a mechanism that creates difficulties for the trader to make a profit by refusing to fill in well.
We tried to reduce the requotes to a minimum and we were able to reduce their number by 50% compared to the previous month.

We sincerely hope you would enjoy all the improvements we implemented on our servers!

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