Gold Rush

Demo Competition!

Golden Rush Round 129

24. Juni 2024 - 31. Juli 2024

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About Contest

If you want to practice different strategies with zero risks and be in the running for a prize for it, our Gold Rush demo competition is just right for you. This is a free-to-enter contest where traders get to trade with special demo accounts.

Every three weeks we would open a new round of the Gold Rush contest. You can register during the first five days of the round. If the current round is past day 5, we advise you to wait for the next round to begin, so you may be on equal footing with the rest of the participants.

All Prizes

1st place100$
2nd place$50
3rd place$30

Goal of the Contest:

To make the biggest profit with demo trading.

Choosing a Winner

At the end of the cycle the three accounts with the greatest balance win.

How to Start ?

You can register during the first five days of each new round from the ‘Begin Adventure’ button. This would create a new demo account from which you would trade during the contest - it is only active for the current Gold Rush cycle. Your demo account will be loaded with virtual currency to be used for trading major currency pairs and gold.

Begin Adventure

Noted: During the competition you will trade from a special demo account, but we need your USD account information so that we can wire you the prize, if you win. If you do not have a trading account, open it right now. The prize is based on the No Deposit Bonus conditions.

You can win up to 2 times. If you’ve already won twice, you would not be able to register.