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A second life
For your deposits

Deposit Protection Program

Do you ever worry whether a deal might turn against you and cost you your deposit? Not anymore!

SuperForex has developed an innovative Deposit Protection program that allows you to save your deposit even if things go amiss. This offer is available for all customers. Read all the details about it below.

  • 100% deposit protection of losses

  • Second chance for you and your investments

  • Decreasing of risks

  • More freedom in Forex

The Deposit Protection program is time-specific and depends on the amount of your deposit. In other words, the bigger your deposit is, the longer it can stay protected. The duration of the protection is as follows:

From 50$ to 100$ 1 day deposit protection
From 101$ to 500$ 5 days deposit protection
From 501$ to 1000$ 10 days deposit protection
From 1001$ to 5000$ 14 days deposit protection
Above 5001$ 20 days deposit protection

You can extend the period of Deposit Protection by making a new deposit before the initial protection expires, as long as the new deposit has a longer protection than the first one.

For example, let’s say you make a deposit on February 5 of $600 - this amount gets a protection of 10 days, until February 15. Then if you make a new deposit of $300 on February 7, that gets 5 days of protection until February 12. In this case nothing changes because your second deposit doesn’t extend the first one (since February 12 is before February 15). This means your first deposit will be protected until February 15, as initially stated.

Let’s imagine a different situation - what if your second deposit was not $300, but $600? This amount earns 10 days of protection, so if you make that on February 7, it will be protected until February 17. This is 2 days after your initial protection expires. In this case both of your deposits will be protected until February 17, as it is the later date.

How does it work?

If during the period when the Deposit Protection is active (specified above) you happen to lose more than 90% of your deposit funds, we would refund them to you as bonus funds. To claim this refund you should contact our Support Team via email, who will process your request within three (3) business days. The refund can be credited in USD only and you need to open a new account in USD where you would receive your compensation.

Please note that if the loss happened past the duration of the Protection program or if is less than 90% of the deposit amount, then this policy does not apply and we cannot refund your deposit.

The Refund

Think of the compensation for your lost deposit as a bonus. You can trade on these funds freely. If you make a deposit that is equal to or greater than the amount of the refund (in the account that received the compensation), then your bonus will be around to use for a longer period. If you do not make any deposits on top of your refund, then the compensation will expire in 30 days and all trading results on that account will be cancelled.

The compensation applies only to your deposits. It does not account for bonuses or profit earned.

If you are eligible for a compensation but you have already received one for an older deposit, the old one will be cancelled so that you may use the new one.

The company has the right to refuse to pay compensation in the following cases:

  1. If the client systematically violates the rules of the User Agreement during the active period of the Deposit Protection program.
  2. If during the last 30 days there have been two or more violations of the User Agreement by this client.
  3. If more than 70% of the closed deals on the client’s account within the last 90 days have had negative results.
  4. If the customer has one or more of these bonuses on their account: No Deposit Bonus, Easy Deposit Bonus, Point Bonus. These are not compatible with the Deposit Protection program.