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Funds Security

Funds Security

We at SuperForex know the value of money; we know how important it is to our traders, too. This is why we have devised a sophisticated fund security system to ensure that whatever you deposit to your accounts is available to you at all times.

SuperForex Segregated Funds

Our policy of segregated funds provides a maximum level of security for your money. In essence, what we mean by ‘segregated’ is that your money is kept separately from company resources. In this way, you can rest assured that your funds are not being used for anything other than your trading transactions. How does this affect you? Simply put, it means that if the company is hypothetically befallen by some kind of misfortune, you still get to keep your money, as they have nothing to do with SuperForex’s own finances. In any event, you would be able to access your funds in their entirety.

SuperForex SSL Certificate

The information you enter on our website is protected by an SSL certificate. This certificate keeps safe all of your transactions, ensuring full data security.

SuperForex Account Verification

You benefit from an additional level of security thanks to our complex method of account verification. This includes:

  • an e-mail verification;
  • an ID scan to verify your data;
  • an address verification;
  • a phone number verification.

The combination of these methods insures that your account is well-protected.

SuperForex Log History

You would be able to access a full log-in history in the Client’s Cabinet. It will show all IP addresses which have logged into your account, allowing you to spot any activity that might not be you. Our system tracks the IP, location, time, operating system, and browser you use for your log in, making it easy to discern malicious attacks on your account. Additionally, you will receive email alerts if and when suspicious attempts for logging in occur.

SuperForex Device ID

Keep your account safe from strangers by setting it to recognize only your own devices. You can find this functionality in the Client’s Cabinet, under Security. From there you can choose which devices are permitted to enter your account - you can add your personal computer, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

When adding new devices, please make sure all current devices are “Off” in the State column. If they are left ‘On’ this would prevent you from entering from a different device. After you add you are done adding new devices, make sure you turn the option back on. If any technical difficulties arise when you attempt to add a new device, you will be asked to go through a brief phone verification process.

SuperForex IP Restriction

Add a new level of security to your account by creating a list of allowed IP addresses. In this way you can restrict access to your account only to the addresses approved by you, preventing hostile parties from stealing your account.

Thanks to our comprehensive set of security measures, you can rest assured that you are always in good hands with SuperForex.