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Introducing Broker

Introduciing Broker BannerThe Introducing Broker (IB) is the top-level partnership option of SuperForex. In essence, an IB would introduce us to their audience in the hope of attracting new clients for SuperForex. In turn, the Introducing Broker earns commission for every active trader that has been referred by him/her (recorded thanks to our affiliate links). Companies that want to act as an IB for us will get a status of Official SuperForex Representatives for a given city or region, and their company information will be placed on our official website.

As an IB you will be compensated for introducing new clients to SuperForex. We will provide you with a complete range of solutions to do business, including promotional materials, trading platforms, and transaction execution tools.

As a rule, our IBs receive additional rewards for representing SuperForex on a local level.

Read more about the Affiliate Links.

Learn more about how to develop your partnership with SuperForex by downloading our Partner’s Starter Kit.

Symbol Bid Ask
EURUSD 1.17864 1.17884
GBPUSD 1.34281 1.34308
USDJPY 112.043 112.067
USDCHF 0.97168 0.97193
USDCAD 1.23736 1.23764
EURJPY 132.072 132.102
EURCHF 1.14555 1.14585
GBPJPY 150.462 150.532
GBPCHF 1.30485 1.30535
GOLD 1299.03 1299.53
SILVER 16.915 16.965
#AAPL 150.49 150.59