Crypto Account

Trade and earn real money in the digital world.

About the Crypto Account

Every trader who opens this account will have the opportunity to trade all of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The SuperForex Crypto account has been set up to make trading with cryptocurrencies as comfortable as possible for you and is suitable for any trading strategy. This type of account will also appeal to those who prefer to trade using EA and other trading software that is specifically tailored for trading with cryptocurrencies.

Maggiori informazioni

Valuta del contoUSD*
Deposito massimoUnlimited
Deposito minimo100 USD
Compatibile con altri bonusWelcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Dimensione del lotto10 BTC/LTC/ZEC/DASH/NEO/EOS/BCH/XMR
Leva massima1:10
Copy trading ForexNo

* This means that clients still deposit and withdraw in USD. Conversion will be provided even if customers deposit/withdraw in cryptocurrencies.