Forex Copy Ranking

On this page you can monitor the activity of selected traders (“Masters”) who have agreed to participate in the program and have given their permission for copying their trades. The calculations of the ratings you see are based on how efficiently each deposit was used to reach the current profit.

BalanceProfitTraded lost
50,14 USD0,00 USD0
115,91 USD0,00 USD0
10,00 USD0,00 USD0
100,24 USD0,00 USD0
1.000,00 USD0,00 USD0
162,04 USD-39,48 USD14,31
188,58 ZAR-115,46 ZAR2,21
39.179,84 USD-151,73 USD33,3
996,84 USD-401,20 USD0,3
38.086,65 USD-1.983,78 USD10,2
20.741,85 USD-6.382,83 USD569,61
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  3. 3