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Invest in the Future

What is SF Bank?

SF Bank is related to a classic bank deposit, but has some distinctive features specific to the Forex field. By placing a deposit into SF Bank you make an investment in CFD, shares or cryptocurrencies. Money can be stored on a trading account but usually it is not profitable if traders do not use their entire deposit amount directly for trading. You can also make a deposit, especially for investment. By investing your funds in SF Bank, you will receive a personal investment portfolio of digital assets.

Your funds will be diversificated according to the following proportion:

Cryptocurrency Base

BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD 50% : 25% : 25%

Cryptocurrency Extended

DASHUSD, ZECUSD, EOSUSD, XMRUSD, NEOUSD 20% for each instrument

Commodity Pool

GOLD, SILVER, #CL, #NG, #PLF 20% for each instrument

The US Companies' pool

#GOOG, #BA, #V, #FB, #AAPL 20% for each instrument

Portfolio profitability


Advantages of the Investment Portfolio

Diversification Of Assets

Due to the separation of investment for each portfolios, none of them can critically affect the overall portfolio.

Resistance to Changes

Protection against significant fluctuations in rates through the calculation of risks and instant response from our side.

High Results

Long-term investment will allow you to get the maximum profit and at the same time minimize possible risks.

This tool has simple and clear conditions. Each week the system calculates the value of your portfolio in accordance with the MT4 prices for all instruments. This means that, for example, if shares of Alphabet grow by 35%, your investment value of #GOOG will also increase by 35%.

The Process of Working with Investment Portfolios


Make a deposit to your account.


Choose the portfolio.


Select the amount of the investment portfolio and the investment period.


Withdraw profit to your trading account after the expiration of the investment portfolio.

Investment Terms


The minimum amount of a contribution to an investment portfolio is $100.

1 Year

Your investments will be in our SF Bank for the period from 15 days to 1 year.


Commission for the conversion of the investment portfolio: 3%.


Withdrawal commission of funds from the investment portfolio: 10%.


You can also withdraw your investment, but you will have to pay a commission for withdrawal in double size. In order to withdraw your investment please contact the Support Department.

The Process of Working with Investment Portfolios