Get extra 10% on top of the profits earned with Ramadan Giveaway.

12 АПР. 2021 Г.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is almost upon us and, as usual, SuperForex has an exclusive offer to help you celebrate.

This year we will be doing a Ramadan Giveaway: the company will credit all participants in this promotion with an extra 10% on top of the profits earned during the promo. This extra funding will be fully withdrawable.


The Ramadan Giveaway period starts on April 13 and will last until May 12. You need to explicitly sign up for this promotion beforehand. The registration opens on April 7 and will end on May 5.


Simply register for the Ramadan Giveaway within the time period specified above and keep trading. Every registered participant who meets the offer requirements will gain the 10% of extra profit the day after the Ramadan Giveaway ends.

What Are the Conditions?

The participants in the Ramadan Giveaway need to meet the following requirements:

– Use an ECN account to participate. Other account types are not eligible for this offer.

– Have a balance of at least $100 on your trading account (without bonuses) to register for the Ramadan Giveaway.

– During the promo period (April 13 - May 12), trade at least 10 mini lots (or 1 standard lot) and complete at least 30 orders at a profit.

Everyone who registers for the Ramadan Giveaway and fulfills the above-mentioned criteria will win 10% over the profits earned during the promo period, to be credited to their account the day after the offer ends.

For full details, please check the Ramadan Giveaway terms and conditions.

👉 Registration for the Ramadan Giveaway is already open:

Don’t miss your chance to participate and earn an extra premium over your profits. We wish you the best of luck in trading!

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson