ECN Swap-Free Account

Trade ECN without Swaps

About the ECN Swap-Free Account

ECN (Electronic Communications Network) technology is one of the most preferred methods for trading on the Forex market. Especially when paired with Expert Advisors, ECN accounts prove to be one the fastest ways to execute profitable orders, even outside the regular working hours of the financial markets.

Our ECN Swap-free account allows you to avoid paying swaps on orders open overnight, which is ideal for long-term trades or traders whose religion prohibits them from profiting on interest. This type of account is ideal for anyone who would like to eliminate swaps from their trading strategy. The swap-free account is also perfect for traders from religious backgrounds (especially Muslim), as the conditions agree with religious practices by not charging interest rates - that is the reason these accounts are often called ‘ECN Islamic.’

Thông tin chi tiết

Tiền tệ Tài khoảnUSD, EUR, GBP
Nạp tiền tối đaUnlimited
Nạp tiền tối thiểu1 USD / 1 EUR / 1 GBP
Tương thích với các loại thưởngWelcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Lot size100 000 USD
Đòn bẩy tối đa1:1000
Sao chép ngoại hốiNo