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August Updates: Better Servers, PAMM Service & More!

04/09/17 01:44 PM

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Dear customers and visitors of SuperForex,

Our team has prepared an update on our activities this August. In this section you can get acquainted with the latest developments of the company, find out about our upcoming competitions and events, and become a part of our community.

The last month of summer turned out to be a very hot month for us. We updated our trading servers and adjusted our stop-loss and take-profit levels. We also implemented a PAMM service for our clients.

This month we launched:


  • Improvement of trading servers


We have successfully completed our technical work on the servers. Our traders can enjoy much more efficient trading operations. As a result, you can see that your order execution became much faster, eliminating issues such as slippage and requotes. In our estimates, operations should be on average 33% faster, 50% more durable and infinitely more reliable.



  • New trading conditions


Customers are the top priority for our company and we have always sought to serve them the best we can, because successful Forex traders need a flexible forex trading environment. Our trading conditions bring transparent and open Forex trading to all our account holders and offer a sophisticated suite of trading options. This is why we have adjusted our stop-loss and take-profit levels to lower, more comfortable amounts.

You can read more about our full terms and conditions here.



  • PAMM service


Have you opened an account with our company, but lack the time to learn how to trade successfully? The SuperForex PAMM service may be a good choice for you. Our company offers customers to become investors and be able to earn without trading on Forex independently, while the trading manager receives additional profit for managing investors' funds.

You can find more information on how to become an investor here.

What to expect from SuperForex in the near future:



  • New Deposit Protection Program


SuperForex has developed an innovative Deposit Protection program that allows you to save your deposit even if things go amiss. This offer is available for all customers. The Deposit Protection program is time-specific and depends on the amount of your deposit. In other words, the bigger your deposit is, the longer it can stay protected.


  • Landing page with our trading seminars


If you want to improve and develop your trading skills, or want to learn how to become a successful trader, we highly recommend that you visit one of our free Forex trading seminars. For the convenience of our customers, we are creating a page where information about our seminars will be presented.

On this page the user will be able to find all the necessary information about upcoming seminars and book a ticket as well as see the reports from previous events and leave feedback.



  • Online education


SuperForex is about to launch a new section dedicated to free educational SF online courses on our YouTube channel. It will help you go through all the steps necessary for mastering the Forex market. Of course, this section will be useful to all traders, regardless of professional level and experience.

We are always open to cooperation!

You can always share your ideas on how to make our customer support better by contacting us!

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