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SuperForex July Workshop: Gold Rush, Lucky Draw, and More!

03/08/17 11:55 AM

Our team has prepared a July update on the operations of SuperForex. In this section you can get acquainted with the latest developments of the company, find out about our upcoming competitions and events, and become a part of our community.

This month of summer turned out to be really productive for us.  We held a seminar in Indonesia and launched new rounds of our Lucky Draw and Gold Rush events.

This month we launched:


  • Gold Rush Contest


SuperForex invites each trader to test their strength and prove that they are the best! All registered users will be able to bid on a demo account. The winner will receive a cash prize to their real trading account. Sounds exciting? All you need to take part in the contest is to click the Begin Adventure button. After that, you will have a new demo account which will be used only in this Gold Rush cycle. Upon entering the contest, you will receive a virtual currency that can be used for trades on major currency pairs and gold.



  • Lucky Draw Contest


Customers are the top priority for our company and we have always sought to serve them the best we can. Our Lucky Draw contest is a perfect opportunity for us to keep in touch with our existing and new customers. It also reflects our appreciation for their support.

That’s why SuperForex has launched a new stage of the Lucky Draw contest among the company's customers. Every two months we offer you to take the chance to win a tradable bonus of $300 or its other currency equivalent amount.

You can read more about Lucky Draw Contest here.



  • Education seminars in Indonesia


At the end of July SuperForex held educational seminars for Introducing Brokers and traders in Indonesia. The main goal of these seminars was to teach traders how to build and develop their skills and to use effective strategies in their moneymaking activities.

You can get acquainted with detailed reports in our SuperForex Offline section.

What to expect from SuperForex in the near future:


  • Landing page with our trading seminars


If you want to improve and develop your trading skills, or want to learn how to become a successful trader, we highly recommend that you visit one of our free Forex trading seminars. For the convenience of our customers, we are creating a page where information about our seminars will be presented.

On this page the user will be able to find all the necessary information about upcoming seminars and book a ticket as well as see the reports from previous events and leave feedback.


  • Online education


SuperForex is about to launch a new section dedicated to free educational SF online courses on our YouTube channel. It will help you go through all the steps necessary for mastering the Forex market. Of course, this section will be useful to all traders, regardless of professional level and experience.

We are always open to cooperation!

You can always share your ideas on how to make our customer support better by writing to us.

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