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Affiliate Links

What is the Affiliate Link?

SuperForex Affiliate Links

The affiliate link is at the core of the SuperForex Partnership Program. It is specific for each partner, a unique code that is attached at the end of the URLs you use to redirect prospective clients to SuperForex. It is thanks to this affiliate link that our servers keep track of your referrals - users who have registered (and made at least one deposit) after following your unique link. The affiliate link’s cookies have a lifetime of 12 months, meaning a user may register up to a year after viewing your link and still be considered a part of your affiliate group.

How do you use it?

Upon your registration as a partner, you receive a unique code, for example “ABCD.” You need to insert this code at the end of all links you place across the web to attract clients. Those links can lead anywhere on the main website or inside the Client’s Cabinet. So if a partner with an affiliate code “ABCD” wants to redirect clients to the Client’s Cabinet, the link they will publish will be “” in order to save that client as a referral.

Custom Affiliate Link

SuperForex Custom Affiliate Links

Our partners have the option to change their affiliate code to something that is more meaningful to them. This would make your link look better and more trustworthy to clients. For instance, let’s say you want your affiliate code to be “supertrader.” In this case a sample referral link of yours would be “” Partners can set up a maximum of 5 different custom affiliate links. This gives you the opportunity to suit each link to a different purpose (one for a blog, a different one for a forum, a different one for social networks, etc.) which can help you interpret traffic statistics. In this way you will know which link is the most successful one, which can be helpful in expanding your business by adjusting your SEO and marketing strategy. You can access full statistics about clicks and registration for each custom link as well as the original affiliate code from the Partner’s Cabinet. Note that using a custom link does not make your default affiliate code inactive - you can still use that one as well.