We are looking for entry points.

During yesterday's trading session the pair managed to gain over 100 pips and exceeded the 1.1540 level.

During the negotiations between the US and China the market was optimistic and American indices grew, while the dollar showed a decline. The dollar index fell below the 95.00 mark.

The data released this week showed a decline in business activity in the US, as well as a decrease in the number of vacancies in the labor market below the projected level.

In the EU the unemployment rate fell, while data from individual countries of the bloc showed multidirectional dynamics.

At the current moment we are seeing a corrective movement in the pair. However, we expect that the pair will face a strong support level at the 1.1510 mark during the downward movement.

Therefore, we advise you to look for a point to enter long positions. Consider the marks near the 1.16 and 1.1660 levels.