We have a bearish trend with this pair.

Recently the UK's national currency has been in a state of stress amid political scandals and the Brexit negotiation process. This is why the recent breakdown of the next round of negotiations led to fears about the dismissal of Prime Minister Theresa May and the fall of the pound. The subsequent resumption of negotiations, on the contrary, supported the British currency. This week there have also been several shocks related to the negotiations on the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU, which puts pressure on the British currency.

On the chart we see that our price is falling and is under the moving average MA (23). Technical indicators indicate a continuation of the bearish trend. Even the published today housing prices for November from Halifax, which were higher than expected, could not support the pound in this confrontation. We expect a further decline in the pair after a breakthrough at the resistance level of 1.3365. The immediate targets will be the take-off at the levels of 1.3340 and 1.3280.