We expect a correction on the financial markets.

Today a number of macroeconomic indicators are emerging in the United States that can support the reserve currency. The dollar index began to strengthen at the end of last week. It showed growth relative to the main pairs.

This week we expect Jerome Powell to step in on the post of Chair of the Federal Reserve. Also, given the previous statements by members of the Fed, we can assume that this year the interest rate will increase three times. This opinion was expressed by the President of the Federal Reserve of Dallas Robert Kaplan.

On Friday US stock indices showed instability and lost about 2%. The index of business activity in the UK for January turned out to be worse than expected and amounted to 53.0 against the forecasted 54.1.

Therefore, at the moment we expect a correction on the market and will look for points to enter short positions near the level of 1.4150. The output points are considered in the range 1.4070 and 1.3995.