Today, despite the turmoil last week, the US dollar index stayed above the 90.00 mark.

Data on business activity in the services sector of the United Kingdom will be published today, and the index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector will also be published in the United States.

During a speech on Friday by British Prime Minister Theresa May the British currency's rate strengthened.

During a speech by Jerome Powell on Thursday the US dollar, on the contrary, began to lose its previously occupied positions. The dollar was losing value relative to the basket of major currencies.

Looking at our chart, we see that the price is near the strong level of 1.38 and over the previous two days has demonstrated growth. Given the overall downward trend, we advise you to wait for the correction to finish and look for points to enter short positions. However, at the moment it is possible to enter the market for long positions, but with small Stop-loss and Take-profit orders.

Currently the support and resistance levels are at 1.3790 and 1.3850, respectively.