The dollar has strengthened.

The US dollar continues to strengthen and the Dollar index is at the maximum values of the current year. The tension between North and South Korea has finally eased and a historic event occurred - a peace treaty was officially agreed upon between the countries. This event may also indicate the acceleration of plans for the denuclearization of North Korea. This undoubtedly helped to strengthen the US dollar.

Considering our chart from the point of view of technical analysis, we observe that over the past week and a half the pair has demonstrated growth and has risen by more than 300 pips.

Now the pair is trying to cross our MA (21) from below and resume growth after the correction. The stochastic oscillator is out of the oversold zone, while the MACD is still in the positive zone. Therefore, we advise to take long positions and set your Take Profit near the levels of 1.2895 and 1.2940.