Investors are waiting for an increase of the FED rate. The deals to BUY seem the most effective at the moment.

The rates continue in the frames of an upward trend. Despite the fact that on the chart we can see signs of the trend reversal in the near future, it is unlikely to happen soon amid decreasing geopolitical tensions and increasing demand for risky assets.

The USD may receive support today, according to the results of the FED meeting, at which investors expect an increase of the rate with a high probability. In general, the forecasts for the US economy are positive. Strong macroeconomic statistics periodically support the dollar and allow the FED to tighten monetary policy. In particular, unemployment fell to an 18-year low, and the inflation rate in May was 2.8%, which is the highest since January 2012, exceeding the expectations of investors. Tomorrow the market will receive data on the volume of retail sales for May, which is likely to be in favor of the USD.

The Swedish Krona over the past two weeks strengthened against the dollar with reducing political risks in the EU. However, there is no new stimulus for strengthening, in the absence of data about the Swedish economy for the last seven days. The most recent data published was the services PMI index and industrial output data for April, which showed a weak growth, although the market reaction was cold.


At the moment, the most optimal would be the deals to buy, in accordance with the current trend. We can confidently expect an increase in the intensity of the uptrend in the near future, without shifting the support or resistance lines. The MACD and Stochastic oscillators confirm the efficiency of the deals to BUY.