Investors are returning to safe assets due to geopolitical factors. The deals to BUY seem the most effective.

The rates continue in the frames of an uptrend. On the chart you can see that since November 2016 Gold (with a high degree of volatility) has been steadily increasing in price. For a year and a half it has grown by more than $200 per ounce, which once again confirms that gold is a safe, reliable, but long-term asset.

Starting from January 2018, the rates were consolidated in the range of 1309.6-1358.6 dollars. Currently the trend has all the prerequisites to continue, given a number of geopolitical factors that force investors to invest in safe assets. The limiting factor for Gold is the USD value and the Fed's aggressive monetary policy. The US economy is growing, which strengthens the dollar. The Federal Reserve aims to avoid overheating the economy, so they will be constrained to actively raise interest rates in the future. All of this has a negative impact on the cost of gold, but this month this factor will retreat into the background.

XAUUSD, daily

At the moment investors are returning to safe assets, due to geopolitical factors: the likely trade war between China and the United States, and the deepening of the conflict in Syria. In this situation the most optimal would be the deals to BUY. Gold can rise in price within the established range - up to $1,350, and continue to grow in case of worsening geopolitical conflicts. Entry points to the market can also be the levels of 1309.6 and 1358.6, the achievement of which will indicate the completion of the consolidation stage and the resumption or the trend reversal.