Dynamic Bonus

Trade More - Get More

Ever dreamed of a bonus that can not only be used for trading, but can also be withdrawn? We would like to introduce the Dynamic Bonus to you - a convenient solution which provides a tradeable income and withdrawable funds up to $250.

Why should you claim this bonus?

Increasing Bonus

The interest rate for the bonus increases along with your deposit.

Withdrawable Funds

The bonus allows you to unlock withdrawable amounts with each trade.

Unlimited Deposit

No limit for the maximum accumulated bonus.

How does it work?

This bonus operates on the principle of communicating vessels - the amount you trade and the amount you can withdraw work together. In practice, the more you trade, the more you will unlock for withdrawal from the bonus. One traded lot unlocks $1 in withdrawable funds.

1 Lot = $1 of the amount of the bonus to be withdrawn without restrictions

The amount of the Dynamic Bonus depends on your deposit and is calculated based on the following:

Deposit AmountBonus
from $100 to $50020%
from $501 to $150015%
from $1501 to $300010%
over $300025%

Note: The maximum withdrawable bonus amount in $250 per account.

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