3 ideas to earn in June

By opening new deals at the beginning of the month, after 30 days or less, you can find an enviable increase in profits in your trading account without spending a lot of time.

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May 31, 2024

In this review we’ll try to find the best assets to invest in June. Among hundreds of assets, finding just a few for new investments is not that difficult. By opening new deals at the beginning of the month, after 30 days or less, you can find an enviable increase in profits in your trading account without spending a lot of time.

1. Wheat

This year, investment in food is even more relevant than two years ago. Back in 2022, we said that wheat would rise in price due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, which are the largest exporters of this product. Added to all this are terrible weather conditions that threaten to cause at least a shortage of wheat in the world. In May, wheat prices rose by 15%. Experts predict a further rise in prices and reaching highs of 2022, when the cost reaches $1,000 per bushel.

2. Silver

Prices for this metal have every chance of reaching the highs of 2011. Why did this metal suddenly become more expensive? Due to its use in solar cell manufacturing and other industries, green energy is now a priority in most countries around the world. Demand for silver is constantly growing in India and China. There is every reason to expect further price increases. At just $31 an ounce, silver still seems woefully undervalued compared to gold at $2,400, even though it is considered the second most valuable metal and is heavily used in jewelry. In May, Silver immediately rose in price by 18.4%, and over the past 12 months - by 26.2%. At the same time, investing in silver requires significantly less initial capital, which means making money on it is much easier and affordable compared to gold.

3. Nvidia

Every minute this company rises in value by $1 billion and is $700 billion ahead of Google in value. The forecasts for the leader in the semiconductor industry are the most promising against the backdrop of the development of AI technologies and high demand for products. In May, the company's shares rose in price by 37.4%, and over the past 12 months - by 284%. Perhaps today it is worth early announcing the winner in the category of the best deal of 2024. Spoiler alert: the winner will likely be whoever invests in Nvidia this year.

These are just a few ideas for investment, but in fact you can find much more profitable assets for investment, because in the world there are dozens of currencies and hundreds of large companies that are listed on the stock, which means you can earn with their rates every day by trading with Superforex.

Robert Thompson

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