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Dynamic Bonus

How about having a real-money bonus that is meant not only for trading but can also be easily withdrawn?

With SuperForex everything is possible – we will give you a tradable and withdrawable bonus of up to $250 per account.

With our Dynamic Bonus customers may withdraw part of the bonus with every trade they made - we do not require any fixed volume of lots to be traded in advance.

How does it work?

The Dynamic Bonus is designed based on the principle of communicating vessels – nothing can change in one without affecting the other. In our case - the number of your trade orders will dynamically be reflected on the amount of the funds you may withdraw. This means the more trades you make, the more real money you can withdraw.

For each lot you trade with us, we will release $1 from the bonus amount for you to withdraw:

1 Lot = $1 of the amount of the bonus to be withdrawn without restrictions

The Dynamic Bonus is calculated based on the amount of the deposit as follows:

  • from $100 to $500 – the bonus is 20%
  • from $501 to $1500 - the bonus is 15%
  • from $1501 to $3000 - the bonus is 10%
  • over $3000 - the bonus is 25%

Note: The maximum amount the bonus that can be released for withdrawal cannot exceed $250 per account.

To benefit from the offer follow the steps below:

Step 1. Apply for the Dynamic Bonus
After registering a real account, please choose the “Bonuses” tab on the left hand-side menu and select Dynamic Bonus. At the bottom of the page click the “Get the Dynamic Bonus” button.
Step 2. Deposit
To receive the bonus, you should activate your trading account by replenishing it with at least $100. You can replenish it using whatever method is more convenient for you.
Step 3. Get the Dynamic Bonus to your trading account
The Dynamic Bonus will be automatically credited to your account.
Symbol Bid Ask
EURUSD 1.07462 1.07482
GBPUSD 1.25007 1.25032
USDJPY 112.986 113.008
USDCHF 0.99858 0.99883
USDCAD 1.32547 1.32575
EURJPY 121.526 121.556
EURCHF 1.07276 1.07306
GBPJPY 141.457 141.527
GBPCHF 1.24972 1.25022
GOLD 1213.46 1214.96
SILVER 17.09 17.14
#AAPL 120.07 120.17