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Forex Copy Ranking

Recognizing good trading opportunities is not an easy task - we know that successful traders need to work hard in order to master the whimsical nature of the financial markets. While we at SuperForex encourage you to develop your skills with the help of our educational materials, timely analytics, and expert advisors, we recognize that sometimes shortcuts are needed.

This is why we developed our Forex Copy service - a unique feature that allows you to browse a database of successful traders and copy their trades for your own benefit. Forex Copy can save you countless hours of trying to understand the markets and does indeed serve as a shortcut to success.

On this page you can monitor the activity of selected traders (“Masters”) who have agreed to participate in the program and have given their permission for copying their trades. The calculations of the ratings you see are based on how efficiently each deposit was used to reach the current profit.

You can find more information for the Subscribers and Forex Copy Masters at the following links:

Name of Master Balance Current Profit Traded lots Amount of followers

shuva Roy

21573.71 $ 3968.91 382.66 20 subscribe

Robert Kusuma

124648.93 $ 1445.83 97.5 0 subscribe

Andreas Kaiser

29684.82 $ 1242.78 142.57 0 subscribe

Tamhill Ltd

9059.61 $ 790.21 53.67 8 subscribe

Tamhill Ltd

7474.05 $ 787.51 18.9 12 subscribe

Tamhill Ltd

7016.4 $ 508.16 22.21 9 subscribe

Mohamad Masriezal Bin Saari

0.23 $ 262.19 12.6 17 subscribe


22054.36 $ 248.83 15.2 11 subscribe

Samir Abdul

11646.08 $ 170.97 1.3 21 subscribe

James Tan

31017.61 $ 153.03 10.25 18 subscribe

The efficiency displayed above depends on many factors. It is calculated according to the following formula:

(Sum Of All Positive Trades/Sum Of All Trades)*Total Volume Of Trades

As you can see from the formula, the bigger the volume of trades is, the greater the overall efficiency will be. In order to be able to trade at higher volumes, higher deposits are needed. If you deposits are bigger, then your trading volume and efficiency will be bigger as well.