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Superforex Gold Rush is the perfect platform to test and improve your trading skills. It is a competition among traders to see who can earn the most using a demo account - so entrance and participation is absolutely free! The three most successful traders win real trading money credited to their live accounts:

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
100$ 50$ 30$


A new round of Gold Rush begins every two weeks. Registration is open for the first five days of the round. If you want to register but it’s past the fifth day of this round, you need to wait for the next one to begin. Consult the counter above to see at what stage we are right now and how much time is left before the next round. New winners are elected at the end of each 2-week cycle.


Any Superforex client, old or new, can participate - you just need to have a valid live account in USD in order to register. You will be trading using a demo account, but if you win, the prize will be credited to the live account you used during registration. Don’t have a live account? Open one now!

Note: You can win up to 2 times. If you’ve already won twice, you would not be able to register.


Superforex Gold Rush is a completely risk-free way for you to develop as a trader. You can feel the adrenaline of competing for treasure with your fellow contestants without the fear of losing actual money! This is the ideal environment for you to build on your trading skills and see how your strategies stack up compared to the competitors’.


Register during the first five days of a new round by clicking the ‘Begin Adventure’ button. This will open a new demo account for you to be used during this cycle of Gold Rush only. By entering the contest you will gain virtual currency that can be used for trades on major currency pairs and gold. The three accounts with the greatest balance win.

Note: Demo accounts registered in any other way cannot participate in Gold Rush. After the completion of each 2-week cycle and awarding the winners, all Gold Rush demo accounts will be deleted.

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