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As the most popular social network worldwide, Facebook is the perfect way for us to communicate all important Superforex developments. In order to receive all major SuperForex announcements in your Facebook feed, you can like our official page. We have planned some special contests and bonuses for our Facebook fans, so be sure to check our page regularly if you do not want to miss the opportunity to win attractive prizes, including extra money to your trading accounts. You can also find news from the world of Forex, as well as analytics that can help you in your trading.


Follow us on Twitter if you would like to have access to even more instantaneous snippets of Forex-related news and information. We would communicate all of our new bonuses and contests on Twitter as well. Twitter is your go-to resource when you do not have a lot of time to invest, so if you are looking for quick updates, this is where you will find them.

Education Portal

To help you improve your knowledge of the field and provide you with detailed instruction on major Forex concepts, as well as detailed forms of technical and fundamental analysis of the financial market, we created the SuperForex Education Portal. It is an ever-growing database of useful learning materials that our clients and free to study and consult in order to further develop as traders. You can find a library of Forex-related literature, Forex glossary, technical indicators, as well as a comprehensive Distance Education Course.

Official Blog

You are welcome to visit our official corporate blog if you would like an even deeper insight into the world of Forex trading. We post in-depth articles that cover a variety of topics aimed at making you a more skilled trader. On our blog you can read more detailed articles on the latest developments with currency trends, economic and forex news, as well as versatile trading advice.