Partner education

Make Your Business with Superforex

If you need advice for starting your partnership with us, you have come to the right place. Here you can find several different resources that will help you become informed about how to be a successful SuperForex partner and create a burgeoning business.

Partner's starter kit

The Partner’s Starter Kit is our most comprehensive resource for partners. It is in the form of a booklet designed by our Partnership and Public Relations Departments to help guide you in the beginning of your partnership with us. The kit contains everything important about our Partnership Program - its structure, aims, and advantages. We have also included tips and advice on how to organize your business as a SuperForex partner and how to acquire new clients. You can even browse an overview of some of our most popular promo materials you can employ to advertise our brand.

If you feel like you don’t need the full guide which the Starter Kit represents, then you can find shorter versions about online and offline promotion below. These cover the basic questions all partners have regarding our products and what you can do for us as a partner. These documents can be viewed on any device, for your convenience.

Online Promotion

In order to help you focus your attention on improving your promotional efforts without wasting too much time we have compiled an abridged manual with tips and marketing advice. This guide applies to all of our partnership types (Introducing Broker, Advisor Seller, Investment Project, Trader Partner, Exchanger, FX Signal Provider, and so on), since the importance of advertising and looking for clients online apply equally to all of them.

Offline Promotion

Even if we stress how crucial it is to do online marketing for client acquisition and support, we also cannot forget that traditional methods of offline advertising can still be quite helpful to expand your business. These more traditional methods of promotion require a certain know-how that we are willing to share with you: advice on how to plan and host different kinds of Forex-related events, purchasing media time (newspaper/magazine/radio/TV ads, for example), and even how to utilize out merchandise, among other options. We believe this brief guide on offline promotion will be helpful in this regard and would improve your business strategy.