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Profi-STP Account

There is a reason why with over 5 trillion dollars per day the Forex market offers the most liquid financial trading scene out there - the ease of opening and closing deals, the many methods to predict the movement of trading instruments through technical and fundamental analysis, even the usage of Expert Advisors, are all factors that attract traders to choose Forex. For those of you who really want to tap into the full potential of Forex and trade with bigger stakes to reap enormous profits, we created a new special type of account - the Profi-STP.

The Profi-STP account comes with different conditions designed in a way that would allow you to maximize your deals; it grants you much more freedom and control over your orders in order to make as great a profit as possible.

Important conditions and advantages of the Profi-STP account:
  • Minimum deposit: $20 000 (or its equivalent in EUR)
  • Leverage from 1:1 to 1:200
  • All trading instruments available
  • Minimum trading lot: 0.2, with a step 0.1 lot
  • Stop out/margin call: 50%/70%
  • Variable spreads, from 20% on basic pairs
  • Unlimited trading using Expert Advisors
SuperForex Profi STP Account Schema

To get this account the Client needs to open a standard account, make a minimum deposit of $20 000 and send an email to

Please note that this account is not compatible with our Bonus program, i.e. you cannot apply for bonuses with this kind of account.

Our liquidity providers for Profi STP accounts