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SuperForex Swap-free Islamic Accounts

If you would like to avoid swap fees, you can now register a special Swap-free account with SuperForex.

Swap-free accounts are suitable for anyone who wants to work without such fees affecting their trading volume. They are especially appropriate for Muslim traders, as they remain consistent with the religious practices of Islam by not charging interest - this is why such accounts are also called ‘Islamic’.

Swaps are interest rates administered by banks on deals that stay open overnight. They could be either positive or negative, depending on the type of deal (buy/sell) as well as the type of asset. You can check the specific amounts of the swap by browsing the list of trading instruments. To compensate for the lack of swaps, Islamic accounts work on a fixed commission, which is perfect for traders who tend to make long-term deals.

Swap Free Account Description
Accepted currency: USD, EUR, RUB
Maximum deposit: Unlimited
Minimum deposit: 1USD / 1 EUR
Compatable with bonuses: All bonuses
Lot Size: 10 000 USD
Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
Unlimited EA trading: Allowed
Swap: No
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