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The Advantages of Trading with SuperForex

SuperForex is a discount broker that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The rise of this company is in large part due to the flexibility and ease of access of its services.

Any new customer can choose among several different account types, decide their own base currency and choose a leverage amount up to 1:2000. When it comes to moving funds to and from your trading account, SuperForex supports all major credit/debit cards, bank wires, and a large number of other payment methods.













Some of the main advantages of SuperForex include:

Zero broker commission

Zero broker commission* on deposits/withdrawals.

Deposit from $1

The minimum deposit is just $1 unless otherwise specified by the account type.

Spreads from 0.1 pips

Order spreads from 0.1 pips (no spread accounts are also available).

250+ instruments

Many base currencies in which you can open an account - JPY, USD, EUR, GBP & more.

*If you are using a third-party payment system to manage your financial transactions, that company may charge its own fees. These are determined by the payment systems themselves and SuperForex is not involved.

Types of Accounts

There are several different account types that SuperForex offers to target different styles of trading. Some account types are designed for people who are just starting out and need a budget account to manage small investments and small-volume orders. Others are better suited to highly experienced professionals who are ready to invest more to earn a greater profit.

Open Account

This is typically the account most traders start with. It supports many base currencies (including USD, EUR, GBP, and more) and has fixed spreads. The minimum deposit amount is $1 (or its equivalent in other currencies) and leverage can go up to 1:1000. All SuperForex bonuses are compatible with this account type.

There are also other versions of the Standard account such as:

  • No Spread, where the spread is 0;
  • Swap-Free, where there is no swap applied to open orders;
  • Micro Cent, where the lot size is much smaller;
  • Crypto, where you can trade all major cryptocurrencies.

You can learn more about STP accounts on a special page.

STP Accounts

Instruments You Can Trade

SuperForex has a large trading portfolio which includes over 300 currency pairs, futures, major company shares, and stock indices, including the Nasdaq 100, #SPX and Dow Jones Industrial Average. You can trade most anything and hedge your investments by spreading them across many different types of assets.

Each instrument has its own specific trading conditions, which you can check here.

Trading Instruments

The MT4 Trading Software

SuperForex uses the MetaTrader 4 platform for placing and executing trade orders. MT4 has been around for years, during which it has proven its efficiency and reliability, making it a staple choice in the Forex industry.

SuperForex Mobile App

Manage your trading accounts using the SuperForex App for Android. Our app allows you to easily fund your account and withdraw money from it. You get access to your trading history, can order bonuses and use all SuperForex services from anywhere on your mobile phone.

Install Mobile App

SuperForex Safety & Regulation

SuperForex launched its services seven years ago and has since won several awards. It could not have done so without the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

In order to continue operating as a broker, the company’s finances are supervised and evaluated every year by the International Financial Services Commission.

SuperForex further ensures the safety of its customers’ money by enforcing a segregated funds policy. This means company money is separate from clients’ funds - the latter is never used for company purposes.

In addition, SuperForex strives to only work with secure payment methods such as bank wires, Bitwallet and other trustworthy third-party payment systems.

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Try It Yourself

The best way to decide if SuperForex is the right broker for you is to open an account and test the company’s services yourself. Note that you can also open a demo account, which does not use real money and is perfect for trading practice.

Open a Live Account

If you have any further questions about the company, its services and its activities, please do not hesitate to contact SuperForex at:

Customer Support Department:



Hotline: +65(3)159-0282 (International format)