Welcome Bonus Agreement

1. General conditions, terminology

1.1. A bonus is a non-withdrawable additional amount of money provided to the client upon his request. At the same time bonus funds remain under the ownership of the SuperForex Company. The purpose of the bonus is increasing the margin for opening more deals with the same deposit, and consequently increasing the profitability, by results of trading.

1.2. The Welcome bonus is a deposit bonus credited on every next deposit after receiving the bonus application. The bonus amount is fixed at the level of 100% over each deposit.

1.3. The terms of the Welcome Bonus (hereinafter referred to as the bonus) are determined by an agreement between the Client and the Company (SuperForex). By receiving this bonus to their accounts, the client confirms that he has read and agrees to the terms of the bonus.

1.4. Having earned the Welcome bonus does not prevent the withdrawal of funds and the profit received at any time.

1.5. All credited bonuses are cumulative, 100% tradable being an integral part of the margin.

1.6. Profit earned from the Welcome Bonus is calculated and credited in a proportional amount between both: the deposit and bonus parts every time the deal is closed. Each deal influences the distribution of the profits on balances in different ways.

1.7. Welcome bonus cannot be granted on an account in which other bonuses have already been applied or received, as it requires special settings that are incompatible with the settings of other bonuses.

2. Rights and obligations of the parties

2.1. The Company undertakes to provide for an indefinite period, the bonus, in the amount of 100% of each deposit, as soon as the deposit is credited, except in cases where automatic accrual is impossible.

2.2. The Client has the right to receive a 100% Welcome bonus for an unlimited number of times, to an unlimited number of accounts, as well as to benefit from the received bonuses in trading at his discretion, within trading strategies not prohibited by the current clauses of the Client Agreement.

2.3. Client has the right to request the bonus, if it was previously requested, but was not granted automatically, within a week after the deposit.

2.4. The Company has no right under this Agreement to establish additional requirements, such as the volume of traded lots or time frames of trading.

2.5. The maximum amount of the Welcome Bonus that can be received is not set. Also, the Company does not have the right to change the leverage of the client, depending on the amount of the bonus received.

2.6. The Company has the right to cancel the bonus if the client violates the terms of the Client Agreement and abuses the bonuses. The customer agrees that in case the SuperForex company finds facts of a fraud activity involving the bonus, the client's deals can be declared void and the results of the trading can be abolished. In this case, the Company is not responsible for the consequences, such as Stop out and related losses.

2.7. The Company has the right to change the bonus terms at its discretion, without prior notice to the client.

3. Withdrawals, cancellation of the bonus and termination of the Agreement

3.1. In order to ensure the correct operation of the bonus and profit distribution, the Company strongly recommends closing all deals before withdrawing some money.

3.2. Upon withdrawal, a proportion of the bonus funds will be cancelled. The proportion is calculated based on the following:

C = (X/Y) * (the amount of the 100% bonus on the deposit)


C = cancelled amount

X = the amount that is requested for withdrawal

Y = the current available balance in the account after the Welcome bonus and other types of bonuses, if available, have been deducted.

For example, you claimed the Welcome Bonus and made the first deposit of $50 to activate it. The bonus will be 100% of $50 = $50. In total you have $100 on your account. Let’s say you make some trades and get to $200 and you want to make a withdrawal of $50. Let’s use the formula to see how much money will be cancelled from your account: X = $50 Y= 200 - 50 = $150 => C = (50/150)*100 = 33.33 So $33.33 of the Welcome bonus will be cancelled from your account after you make your withdrawal.

3.3. Withdrawal of the entire balance may be the basis for the complete cancellation of the bonus. At the same time, all obligations of the parties are considered fulfilled.

3.4. Both parties may declare early termination of this Agreement. The Company undertakes to cancel the bonus, at the request of the Client, without providing them with any reasons for this. The Company, in turn, also reserves the right to cancel the bonus and withdraw from this agreement since the bonus is the property of the Company.