Deposit Protection

1. All clients are eligible for Deposit Protection, as long as they meet the criteria specified in this agreement.

2. The No Deposit, Easy Deposit, and Points Bonus are not compatible with the Deposit Protection Program. Customers using those deposits are not eligible for compensation.

3. The Customer must have suffered a 90% or more loss on their deposit during the duration of the Deposit Protection program in order to be eligible for compensation.

4. The duration of the Deposit Protection depends on the amount of the deposit and the distribution is as follows:

4.1. Deposits from $50 to $100 - 1 day deposit protection;

4.2. From $101 to $500 - 5 days deposit protection;

4.3. From $501 to $1000 - 10 days deposit protection;

4.4. From $1001 to $5000 - 14 days deposit protection;

4.5. Above $5001 - 20 days deposit protection.

5. Withdrawals:

5.1. The compensation itself works like a bonus and cannot be withdrawn, but can be traded on.

5.2. Profit earned from trading using the deposit compensation can be withdrawn as long as it does not exceed the amount of the deposit.

5.3. The minimal withdrawal amount is $10.

5.4. The number of withdrawal operations is unlimited.

5.5. In order to withdraw profit, the Customer must unblock it according it to the following proportion: $2 per 1 traded lot (2:1). For example, to withdraw $10 the Customer must have at least 5 traded lots.

5.6. Upon withdrawal some amount of the compensation will be cancelled. The amount cancelled is determined by the following formula:

C = (X/Y) * (the amount of the bonus on the deposit)


C = cancelled amount

X = the amount that is requested for withdrawal

Y = the current available balance in the account after the 40% bonus and other types of bonuses, if available, have been deducted.

5.7. Superforex reserves the right not to count deals with results from minus 0.05 USD to plus 0.05 USD/EQ when counting the amount of traded lots. In case such trades are detected, the company reserves the right to recalculate the amount of lots upon withdrawal of the profit and adjust the amount of withdrawal money funds, in accordance with the terms of the bonus (1 traded lot = $2/EQ). The rest of the money funds will be returned to the trading account of the client.

5.8. To withdraw their profit, the Client should make a deposit equal to or greater than the credited compensation itself within 30 days from the moment of getting the compensation. Before this moment withdrawing any profit is not possible. In the absence of such a deposit, the compensation together with all profit earned on it will be cancelled 30 days after the date of receiving the compensation.

6. The company has the right to refuse to refund the Customer’s deposit in the following instances:

6.1. If the client systematically violates the rules of the User Agreement during the active period of the Deposit Protection program.

6.2. If during the last 30 days there have been two or more violations of the User Agreement by this client.

6.3. If more than 70% of the closed deals on the client’s account within the last 90 days have had negative results.

6.4. If the customer has one or more of these bonuses on their account: No Deposit Bonus, Easy Deposit Bonus, Point Bonus. These are not compatible with the Deposit Protection program.