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SuperForex Lucky Draw

Enter today to win the $300 Lucky Draw contest by SuperForex!

For unlimited period of time we are offering you the chance to win a tradable bonus of $300 or its other currency equivalent amount.

By entering the contest, you will be registered for our drawing of a $300 bonus prize every three months! SuperForex Bonus Prize can be used for operating with larger trading volume and earning better profit.

How to enter the Lucky Draw

The Lucky Draw contest is open to all members of SuperForex, who:

  • have verified their account with us
  • have an Account Balance of at least $50 for the whole period of the contest
  • The Account Balance is calculated based on the following:
  • A-B+C ≥ 50 USD, where
  • “A” means all deposits to the account
  • “B” means all withdrawals
  • “C” means trading operation results

All you have to do is to submit the “Get your Lucky Ticket” in the Client`s Cabinet and receive your lucky number.

All qualified tickets will be captured in the system and eligible for the Lucky Draw.


Contest Prize and Winners:

The contestant with the Lucky Ticket will be announced as the winner. The Lucky Ticket number will consist of five digits:

  • the first digit is the last digit of the EURUSD quote
  • the second is the last digit of the GBPUSD quote
  • the third digit is the last digit of the USDJPY quote
  • the fourth digit is the last digit of the USDCHF quote
  • the fifth digit is the last digit of the USDCAD quote

In case there is more than one matching number, the prize will be given to the contestant with the bigger account balance.

In case no exact match of the number is found, the winner will be the holder of the ticket with the closest number.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

To ensure that the Lucky Draw is completely fair and unbiased for all contestants, the amount of the deposits they make and the number of the lots they trade will not have any impact on your chances to win.

Not registered with SuperForex yet? You can still qualify to enter the Lucky Draw if you open a new account with us and verify it. Please, click here.

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