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2016 Results: New offers for customers, partners and other!

02/01/17 06:13 PM

Dear customers and visitors of SuperForex,

In 2016 we launched a new category in our company news section - the SuperForex Workshop. Traditionally, in this section we describe the main developments in our company. In this issue you will get acquainted with our plans for next year.

This year we learned and made progress together with you. Let’s revisit some of the highlights of the past year.

In 2016 we launched:

  • New offers for customers:

In 2016 we developed and launched  a lot of bonus offers for our customers. Let us recall the most significant of them:

  • $5 Subscription Bonus

Now all socially active traders who want to find the latest news on the social networks can subscribe to our official pages and profiles and get a bonus of $5.

You can find more info here.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is perfect for our new members who want to test our products and services and start trading without initial investments and free of any risk. In addition, it is ideal for those who want to ensure the quality of services, but do not want to invest money from the start.

You can read more here.

  • Point Bonus

SuperForex developed a special bonus for particularly active traders. Now you can get extra money and prizes as part of our Loyalty Program by visiting SuperForex at any exhibition we attend. For each traded lot, as well as for the activation of a scratch card, you will receive bonus points. The trading and bonus points from our Loyalty Program can be exchanged for prizes and real money.

You can use the service here.

  • New offers for partners:
  • SuperForex FX Advisors Website

We picked out for you some of the most popular Forex trading advisors and market instruments. On this website you will find both paid and free applications that can help you in Forex trading.

  • SuperForex Exchanger Website

This site gives you as our partner an excellent opportunity to communicate with your customers. To help you save time and avoid creating a new site from scratch, we offer you a product that is completely ready for use.

  • Sub-IB Program

SuperForex provides partners with the opportunity to develop your own broker network with our Two-level Partnership Program. It works in a similar way as the standard programs (Introducing Broker, Trader Partner, etc.), but with the possibility to make some of your clients into partners, earning commission on the clients they attract as well as your own.

Find out more here.

  • Services for Everyone

This year we continued to develop services aimed at improving the quality of trading with us and making it more comfortable than ever. Such services include an increase in the number of our supported payment systems, advisors, analytics and others. Here are some of them:

  • New Payment Systems

In 2016 we expanded our list of supported payment systems and improved the conditions of depositing and withdrawing funds for the existing ones. All SuperForex customers can deposit and withdraw funds without any extra charges. In 2016 we began a cooperation with many electronic payment systems, including such well-known services as Ucash, ePayments and Fasa pay.

  • Analytics Section

We launched our own analytics section in 2016. Now you can read actual Forex news, as well as technical and fundamental analysis of currency pairs and other trading instruments without leaving our site. You can read our analytics here.

  • No Spread Account

This new version of a live trading account is open to both new and existing customers. Using the No Spread account, unlike the standard one, gives you the unique advantage to trade without paying any spreads on the deals you open, regardless of the trading instruments used.

You can open a No Spread account here.

  • Bitcoin

SuperForex presents to its customers a new special trading tool - Bitcoin, the digital currency that continues to become more and more popular globally.

  • Economic Calendar

Many of the most successful transactions in history were carried out at the perfect time. It is no secret that tracking all events in the world economy is a complex  and time-consuming process. SuperForex offers a free economic calendar - a special service that allows you to keep track of all the important economic events and news in one place. You can use the economic calendar here.

  • Offline Events

In 2016 SuperForex took part in several ShowFX World exhibitions. We were in Moscow, Bratislava, Kiev and Singapore. We raffled a lot of prizes and gift certificates. Especially for you, we created a special section on the site - SuperForex Offline, where you can browse the highlights of these conferences. To browse exhibition summaries and photo galleries, click here.

  • Best Broker in the MENA Region

Our work and achievements have been highly appreciated and as a result we have been awarded "Best Forex Broker in the Middle East and North Africa." Best Broker in the MENA region is the trophy awarded for achievements on the Forex market promotion in the Middle East and North Africa.

You can view other company rewards here.

We are pleased that we made this journey together with you, our customers and partners. After all, we have improved our services, introduced new programs, and reached new heights - all of this we did in order to provide you with a superior trading experience.

You can always suggest ideas on how to optimize our customer contact by getting in touch with us.

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